Miles Biked 6762 Days Gone 669  Began Sept 7th 2012 - July 15th 2014
Dec 15 , 2014
Tierra del Fuego
6762 M i l e s B i k e d

Its Extraordinary when you're in your creative space showing your work and the audience enjoys it. - MIKE  Potter

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North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida

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669 days
around america
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1 Biking shirts

2 Biking shirt long sleeve

3 Thermarest Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

4 1 Person H20 Resistent Tent System

5 Back up Jacket

6 True Wool bike and Compression Socks

7  Red Head Wind Filter for Field Microphone

8  Joby Tri  Camera Mount

9  Solar Panel for Ipad /Iphone/Garmin, IT DIDNT WORK AT ALL! DONT GET.

10 Ziplocs

11 2 Pair of Padded Bike shorts

12 1 Pair of Longer  Bike pants

13 Lower Knee Bike Pants Knee to Toe

14 Waterproof Pants

15 Waterproof Jacket

16 3 Sets of Bike Tire Kit repair

17 Tool Set

18 Battery Backup and Lens Cleaners

19 Ear Case

20 Gel Based Pepper Spray 10%

21 USB Cables and Chargers

22 True Wool Hat

23 Interchanging Gloves

24 Coffee Maker / Soup Container

25 Pan and Utincils

26 Fuel for Cooking

27 Sun Glasses

28 Gluten Free Pancake Mix

29 Secondary Iphone case

30 Miltary Name Velcro

31 Heart Rate Strap

32 Edge 800 Fully Computer for Bike

33 BCG's for Night

34 I Pad traded for Mini Ipad

35 ID / Passport/ Military Credentials

36 Bag Full of Camera Parts and USB

37 Bag Full of Cleaners and Parts

38 2nd Camera

39 Sleeping Bag

40 H20 Bottles

41 Video Lens

42 First Aid Emergency Kit

43 Emergency Medication

44 Misc Cable and Batteries

45 Coffee

46 More Ear Buds

47 Bike Tubes

48 Reflective Vest

49 Back Up Watch

50 Bike Shoes

51 iPhone

52 MacBook Pro/w Retina Display

53 Lotion for Saddle

54 Bike Pump

55 Bike Lock

56 Helmet

Gear for Stealth Bike